The Old Folk Blues

All the good music for the budding music enthusiast. Including: Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, Old-Time, Celtic, and more!

Punch Brothers playing This Girl.

Lead Belly playing Goodnight Irene. Huddie William Ledbetter, better known as Lead Belly, was a Folk singer and songwriter. He was discovered by the musicologist John Lomax and was recorded by him for the Library of Congress in the 1930s.

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Pete Seeger playing Portland Town and Mule Skinner Blues. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is an American Folk musician who became popular in the 1960s, the years of the Folk Scare. He was a student of Woody Guthry, and went on to mentor Bob Dylan.

Frank Fairfield playing Last Night Willie Came Home.

Bryan Sutton and Michael Daves playing Runaway. Bryan Sutton is predominately a Bluegrass Flatpick guitarist who has played and recorded with artists such as Ricky Skaggs and Chris Thile, and toured with Thile as part of The How to Grow a Band. Here he plays Clawhammer banjo with Michael Daves, one of the greatest contemporary Bluegrass Flatpickers.

Bela Fleck playing a solo excerpt from The Imposter. The Imposter is Bela Fleck’s second Classical record, written for solo banjo and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

Bob Brozman playing Sans Humanite.

The Goat rodeo sessions playing Attaboy. The Goat rodeo Sessions ia a genre-bending collaboration between mandolinist Chris Thile, cellist Yo Yo Ma, violinist Stuart Duncan, and bassist Edgar Meyer. The result is a record of Classical/Bluegrass compositions for string quartet.

Bob Brozman playing Bamako Blues. The song comes from Brozman’s record Lumiere, for which he recorded an orchestra of his own playing and improvised every track of the record.

Pete Seeger and The New Lost City Ramblers playing Ragtime Annie. The New Lost City Ramblers were an Old-Time string bands prominent during the early sixties, the years of the Folk Scare. The members were Mike Seeger, the half-brother of Pete, John Cohen, and Tom Paley.

Dom Flemons playing Po’ Black Sheep. Dom Flemons is a Folk singer and Old-Time banjoist, as well as a former founding member of The Carolina Chocolate Drops. He learned to play plectrum banjo with a unique style of fingerpicking, unaware of the five-string banjo Clawhammer style.

Pokey LaFarge and The South City Three playing Baby’s Coming to Town. Joining The South City Three are TJ Muller (cornet) and Chloe Feoranzo (clarinet).

Dan Tyrminski playing The Boy Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn for the Transatlantic Sessions. The Boy Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn is a song from the soundtrack of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? which heavily featured Bluegrass and Folk musicians such as Ralph Stanley, Alson Krauss and Union Station, Gillian Welch, and Emmylou Harris. Dan Tyrminsky sang the vocals of George Clooney’s character in the Soggy Bottom Boys.

Dan Tyrminski playing Down in the Willow Garden for the Transatlantic Sessions. Tyrminski is a Bluegrass singer and guitarist, and plays in Alison Krauss and Union Station, along with Jerry Douglas. The song is an Appalachian murder ballad that originated in Ireland in the early 19th Century, but was made popular by the 1947 recording by Charlie Monroe, brother of Bill Monroe.

Pete Seeger singing Michael Row The Boat Ashore. The video was from when Pete was forced to perform for colleges as no radioes were allowed to play his music. The song is a spiritual penned by freed slaves of the st Helena Island during the Civil War.